Nürburgring was established in 2017 with a team of dedicated people who love nothing but the German automobiles. With vast experiences in German cars, they swiftly gathered their resources and make this possible. And Nürburgring was born.

The Leader of the Pit - Billy

The pit area is where the action normally is in a workshop and the man that is leading the charge at Nurburgring is a 25-year veteran of the automotive industry. With humble beginnings in his Dad’s workshop, Billy spent his career understanding and solving different generations of cars. Focusing on the Bavarian marque later on in his career, Billy’s familiarity with BMW is almost like a best friend now. So, rest assured your cars are definitely in very good hands.


His Padawan - Hsu Han

Han, as he’s affectionately known, joined the automotive trade for more than four years. Having trained under Billy, he has certainly come a long way from his days of changing oil. A force in his own right, not only is Han capable with his hands, but he is also very well-versed in his diagnostic abilities. Definitely following his Teacher’s footsteps!

Photography 2017 © Apertuready.


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